SLA - 3 bedroom

SLA - 3 bedroom

Nestled in the hills of northern Alabama, in a lovely tree-lines neighborhood with plenty of green space, this home is sure to please. The kitchen opens to an open concept dining/living area. There's a private master suite with a large closet. Two linen closets and a large laundry room take care of storage.
1256 ft2
Beds 3
Baths 2
Family Members 2

Eligible Status
DOD Contractor, DOD Federal Employee, DON Employee, DON Contractor, Extended TDY, Geographical Bachelor, National Guard, Reservist, Retired Military

Eligible Rank
E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E06

Interior Features

  • Kitchen opens to open concept dining/living area
  • Ceiling fans
  • Private master suite with large closet
  • Large laundry room
  • 2 linen closets

Exterior Features

  • Large front porch
  • Carport
  • Exterior storage